How to promote a business in Twitter

Twitter: Hashtags and Retweet

These are the secret ingredient of Twitter if you’d like to include it in your Social Media Marketing tool – #hashtags and retweets. You may know what a hashtag or a retweet is, but if you’re not using them to their full potential, you could be missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. Engage customers and track what’s being said about your brand using the Twitter app. Twitter only offer 140 characters for your content. This means post should be concise and direct to the point.

We know no limitations

We don’t limit ourselves to do just Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. We also manage other social network platforms exceptionally like Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and more. Let’s have a chat and discuss how we can get you started or improve yours.

How to market your business in LinkedIn

LinkedIn: Target Professionals in a Specific Industry

LinkedIn is one-a-kind social network. This is the world’s largest professional audience in the Internet. If you want to hang with the big players—a place where connections are made, leads are generated, and deals go down—then you need to spend more of your time on LinkedIn. We can grab their attention and create a dynamic post and campaigns that suits to their professional needs. LinkedIn ads allows marketers to target specific people within a certain industry, from front liners up to the CEO. Professional freelancers, digital creative, recently established companies and even performing artists can use LinkedIn to promote their services to a different audience than is available on other social networks.

Marketing your business on LinkedIn involves working through your own network, employing both your current list of contacts as well as potential contacts in the greater LinkedIn community. Your efforts should also include making use of links from your online activities to your LinkedIn profile and promoting your business online from your LinkedIn identity. By managing your LinkedIn account, we can increase your brand identity. This platform also offers countless ways to target prospective customers based on information from their LinkedIn profiles. With LinkedIn, we can market to who really matters.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you develop your LinkedIn marketing strategy:

  • Encourage every employee to have a LinkedIn profile and to link to each other.
  • Linked your business websites in your linked in account
  • Give others an inside look at your company through visuals.

How to market your business in Instagram

Instagram: Heart on Ads

Are you thinking about running an Instagram ad but don’t know where to start? Advertising on Instagram offers a wide range of opportunities as the ads can incorporate pictures and videos, plus this won’t interrupt the user experience. This is one way of persuading target audience to be aware of your brand. – Through eye catching pictures, optimistic videos and with the right content. Ads are highly tailored to each user since it is based on the types of things user interact with Instagram and also Facebook.

There are approximately 700 million Instagram users around the world and there are large number of businesses excelling at using Instagram and use it to deliver conversions. We are not just collecting how many have loved the post, but it is converted into engagements and interactions on a daily and monthly basis. As we begin to organize your ads, all of the posts will be reported on a preferred plan, this will show the improvement of our Instagram and Facebook marketing strategy.

In addition, most businesses choose Instagram as a part of Social Media marketing because businesses automatically enjoy regular engagement with 4{d1ef82d70580fb313320b008fca7d5da1bf989248af535d0b23d8655c132f36b} of their total followers  compared to Facebook’s 0.1{d1ef82d70580fb313320b008fca7d5da1bf989248af535d0b23d8655c132f36b}, 67{d1ef82d70580fb313320b008fca7d5da1bf989248af535d0b23d8655c132f36b} of Instagram users are fond of following various brands and services as per (Iconosquare survey). In these modern days social media has become a great influence in purchase decisions. They just need to be informed with the mix of the right content and Image or video. Here in Instagram, with a minimalist style and a box type of platform, it’s easy to find both – content and image or video. No doubt Instagram makes a great tool to showcase such brand.

Here are some simple ways:

  • Business Type Instagram still needs to incorporate balance by adding fun images on their post.
  • Be engaged and cultivate – gaining followers is not easy, but it can be managed by liking other user’s post, using relevant and popular hashtags. Connect your Business Facebook account.
  • Showcase photos of your loyal customers – Make your customer the next Instagram celebrity by posting their cool photos on your Instagram. Let them feel appreciated. After all, they are your big investment.
  • Use your brand as hashtags
  • Use general hashtags

You can use Instagram to tell a visual story about your brand, instantly engage with your followers wherever they are, and even get very real user-generated content through hashtags. Instagram is a photo (and now video) sharing site. Connect your business on Instagram in a consistent and particularly visual way.

How to market your business in Facebook

Social Media with BrandYou

Grow your brand through word-of-mouth marketing – intensified by the massive reach and scale of social media. We are available to work with you through building strategic promotions that will help you build your audience. We set up a content calendar that timely fit topics for discussion and connect with your target’s interests. We can help you boost your numbers of loyal customers through social media marketing program that truly connects. The majority of prospects are using social media to some degree, whether it’s connecting with friends, watching videos or sharing experiences.

How to market your business on Facebook

Facebook is one of the social networks that just not provides connecting you to your friends, family and colleagues but also in-house games such as Pet Society, Restaurant City way back 2009 and many more. Yes, Facebook games is still ranking nowadays and billion active users are posting their statuses every single day.

As you can see, Facebook is also now a tool to market a business. This social network had improved throughout the years and you wish these improvements and options is already available way back then. Facebook allows businesses to promote their products and interact with their respective clients. How can you do this? The answer is easy. Facebook offers many tools. In order to be successful using Facebook as a marketing tool, one should have a great understanding of the three particular tab in Facebook – Facebook Page, Facebook Groups and Facebook Ads. Let us discuss this on a very simple way. Like what Facebook Business says, There’s a Facebook business tool for every business goal”

Facebook Page: “Liking” your page is the first step of engagement

Facebook; a billion active users, a billion marketing opportunity. With more than one billion monthly active users, Facebook is still arguably the best social media platform for marketers. Flaunt your brand in the world’s most influential social network to get your business to the end goal. It all started with a LIKE.

Where to start? Facebook offers every user a Facebook Page. We can set up a Facebook Page particularly suits for your business and this is for free. This is to create your business’ profile on Facebook and will surely strengthen your brand. People uses Facebook Account while businesses, products and services are all fit to Facebook Page.

Facebook is a must for business of all sizes. Every businesses would like to have a Facebook presence today. Our team can assist you creating your spot on Facebook and start growing your audience there. A good profile page can help you market directly to the customers that are most interested in your products or services. Facebook page is a gateway for businesses to market among this holy grail of users. We can be connected to them using your Facebook page by updating current customers and prospects with the changes in your brand or just simply promoting your brand. You can use your Facebook Page to not only share your company information, but also to post photos, videos, applications, and messages. Any activity that you perform on your Facebook Page is then broadcast into the mini-feeds of your followers. Facebook Pages allow businesses to collect “fans” the way celebrities, sports teams, musicians and politicians do.  Businesses can claim a vanity address so that their Facebook address reflects the business name, like Facebook pages can link to the company’s Web site or direct sales to e-commerce sites.

From social promotions, our Facebook marketing specializes in employing engaging social marketing tactics to boost your presence on social media and increase brand awareness to your target audience. Your Facebook Page, when done correctly, can be used to bring in new customers as well as to help you maintain current customer relationships.

There are things to keep in mind when you are creating Facebook Page, there are categories that will help you to be more customized and precise. Whether your business is about:

  • A Local Business
  • A Brand or a Product
  • An Artist, Band, or a Public Figure

Under this category you’ll be able to complete your business’ “basic information”, “detailed information”, and your “contact information”.  Before you hit save, please be guided that you cannot change your page type any longer. You may want to make sure you select the correct category to be displayed in. Start establishing your business presence on Facebook.

We can also set up your advertisements to specific demographics: gender, age, location, interest, etc. If your product is for teen girls, we can set up the preferred ads shown to female between ages 14-19.

Another edge of Facebook marketing is, Facebook is the new TV! There is one survey reveals that 80{d1ef82d70580fb313320b008fca7d5da1bf989248af535d0b23d8655c132f36b} of people who are watching TV are doing something else on their laptops, tablets and smartphone. This is termed as “Second screen”. Facebook is very interactive. It allows audience to interact with your brand. Unlike TV commercial.

If you’re done creating a page, it’s time to share! In order to build up followers you’ll need to create worthwhile, interesting content for your fans. (The ones who liked your Business Page). Users who like your page will see your posts show up in their main Facebook news feed, so get ready. You can share updates, photos, videos, promotions and a lot more. We have a specialized team tailored in creating good content specifically suits your brand. The most successful Facebook posts – the ones that drive the most people to comment, share and like – are short and visual. Look for authentic ways to add an element to your posts, whether it’s a short video clip, a photo from inside your store, feedback photos from your own clients or just stock art.

Facebook’s Page Insights tool helps take the guesswork out of sharing. The tool, accessible from your Facebook Page’s Admin menu, provides valuable information on follower activity. For example, it can tell you what time most people view your content so you can plan your promotions.

When you already master the essence of sharing, better make connections. What the use of a nice content if you doesn’t have any audiences? Facebook Page have a powerful tool called “Build Audience”, located at Page Admin Menu. It gives relevant information on follower activity. For example, it can tell you what time most people view your content so you can plan your promotions.

Facebook Group

Facebook Group have some similarity with Facebook Page. But unlike Facebook Page, groups are being manipulated by group of people. This set of people connects to one another for one main interest, for example the group is all about Buy and Sell in Dublin. These people are near or inside Dublin community and they are opt to buy and sell. You will gain more exposure from a Facebook Page, because it can be seen by unregistered users, but a group page can only be seen by registered Facebook users. Groups can also be set up publicly, closed and secretly. When you are part of a certain groups, you can start sharing whatever is in your page or your start promoting your own brand, products and services in that group. A good content would also attract new clients and keep current customers, this is also provided by our team. To assist you with every step towards your business’ success.

Recognize Facebook Ads

Facebook also offers traditional advertising options that let you position your custom ads in users’ news feeds. The ads appear as promotional posts and direct anyone who clicks straight to your website. Because Facebook collects heaps of user data, it can target your advertisement to users who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. The platform also features an analytics tool to help you understand which ads drive interest and sales.

Branding is the Door to the Company’s Soul (8:24)

In today’s fast-paced world, branding is an intangible asset that can ensure the success and failure of any company.

Coca-Cola. Apple. Hyundai, the chances are that hearing these company names brings to mind their clear and well-defined branding.

When most people hear branding, their minds think about logos and graphics that help define a company. While this is not wrong, branding is more than just that.

Branding is the corporate identity of the company. It is what the customers perceive every time they hear the company’s name or see the logo.

Apart from the logo though different elements also contribute to a company’s branding. These include: how the company communicates, the behavior and culture promoted, the company’s mission and vision, and even as simple as the language used by a company.

All of these factors work together to help contribute to the customer’s perception of your company, service, or product. It delivers a message about your company and builds up the company’s credibility. It is the promise your brand delivers to the customer.

Branding, if done right can help motivate consumers to purchase your product or service, and finally it has the power to create loyal users as well as employees.

In a study conducted by Business week, they looked at organizations in the S&P500 and saw that over 30 years, the overall corporate value of these company’s brands increased from 17{d1ef82d70580fb313320b008fca7d5da1bf989248af535d0b23d8655c132f36b} to 80{d1ef82d70580fb313320b008fca7d5da1bf989248af535d0b23d8655c132f36b}.

In short, branding is important for any company’s success. It is a vital element in the foundation of any company’s marketing and operation.

With branding as important as it is, it comes as no surprise that time and effort must be put into researching and developing your brand.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t be. Here are a few services that BrandYou can provide to help you achieve the results you need.

  1. Brand and Re-Brand Strategies

First and foremost, BrandYou can help you research and strategize for company branding or rebranding. Update or change your brand to increase its relevance in the current market trends, or build one from scratch.

An effective visual identity can help describe what your company or business has to offer. A great brand design strategy marks the path towards being a successful international business.

  1. Corporate Identity

A strong and identifiable corporate identity is a big factor on the success of an international business. It helps in making your company stands out from the numerous companies being formed every day.

BrandYou can assist in developing an International identity that can suit your business needs and maximize any potential business all over the world.

  1. Business Concept Design

Our team of Business Coaching representatives will assist you in the brand development process each step of the way. From initial drafting of online designs that will best highlight your business concept, to coaching for your staff, BrandYou will be there to help your company with extensive marketing training.

  1. Advertising

Online advertising is rapidly becoming the future. With its various formats and ease of access and use, it is a vital part of any online marketing strategy. From videos, blogs, and even simple online texts and banners, BrandYou’s team of online marketing professionals will assist you in creating your online advertisements.

These are just a few of the branding solutions BrandYou can offer you.

For more information on the branding services BrandYou has, head here:

Remember, good branding is the door to your company’s soul. BrandYou just happens to make a great door, and we’ll be there to help you and your customers walk through it.

Best Branding Tactics For Marketing a Product

If you would like to find out more about our Business Coaching / Consulting service, click here.

Best branding tactics for marketing a product

Before discussing the reasons why branding is important for selling a product, it’s essential to define what branding is. Your customers or users are the only ones who determine where the company’s brand is headed. Your brand is nothing but a representation of how customers perceive your business.

A brand can also be defined as the intangible asset that reflects the core values of your company. For any branding strategy to work, it’s also important to know what isn’t brand and understand why most people confuse its definition. First of all, your brand is not your logo or your company’s name. Although a company’s corporate identity is strongly related to its brand name, they are not the same.

When it comes to product marketing, one of the most important things to have in mind are that brand, and the practice of branding will make a significant difference between a successful business and a failed one.  Consumers can be loyal to just one brand product for many reasons, but it all comes down to developing the right branding strategy.

How can branding help me marketing a product?

We live in a highly competitive market, and it’s in every company’s interest to make real connections with its customer if they want to make their business profitable. A useful recommendation is to start working on a competitive edge or advantage. Knowing all aspects of your competitor’s brand will help you determine what actions to take to win customers, by exploiting your competitor’s weak spots.

Developing a strategy that outlines the good and the bad choices of the competition will give you a better perspective on what course of actions best suit your company. Most people face thousands of brand choices every day when shopping for products.

However, the same individuals also choose a product based on trust. Do I know, Like, and Trust this company? Do I know what this company is selling? Have I tried it before? Will this new product suit my needs? These are all valid questions customers ask themselves on a daily basis as they consider buying from you.

Branding 101

Even though regular brands offer the same quality product as other brands, the big-name companies have one advantage, their customer’s complete trust. That’s why it’s important to create a strong bond with your customer that separates you from other brands.

Branding is all about communicating your company’s values, and the right tactics can and will make your business grow. It’s no wonder brands have become a stable asset, this is called Brand equity because it has a value, considering that once you reach the customers’ top-of-mind, your income doesn’t rely on the product itself. They already know, like and trust you and your company. (And they will convey this trust to others as word of mouth).

Implementing a brand strategy is proven to increase the company’s credibility in any product or service. Any good branding strategy gains the customer’s trust, and what’s more important, keeps growing it.

Your brand is your promise to the customer

The key to success is making your market care about your brand on a genuine level, creating a sense of connection between the company and the customers.

Any successful brand in the world knows that keeping your promises to your clients is a must in today’s marketplace. Nowadays, every product comes with a pledge or assurance to its buyer, whether it’s the calories on food or a guarantee on clothes or delivering a service.

Aside from any promises, brands also create expectations among its customers, and that’s a good thing. Expectations make people stay loyal to the brand and keep them in the company’s spectrum, waiting for the brand’s next step.

A quick guide to increase your company sales

Given how competitive the current marketplace has gotten, knowing the right steps to increase your company sales is a must. A big part of increasing any businesses’ sales is dedicating plenty of time to study your weaknesses and strengths. Once every aspect of your company is established, it’s time to make your mission as clear as possible.

Marketing any product depends mostly on what target you want it to thrive in, and for every product, there’s a perfect market.  Therefore, it’s paramount to decide the right niche for your product, and asking yourself the right questions will help you decide what’s best for business.

These issues will narrow down your target audience, so pay attention to what the outcome can be. For example, most products need to be sectioned by each audience, including age, gender, and social status. The toy car demand will surely be different between boys ages 8 to 12 and men ages 18 and up, for instance. Understanding your business niche will give your company all the necessary tools to increase profitability.

Define which strategy will better suit your niche

One big step towards financial stability is knowing what strategies are working and which are not. Most companies’ mission statement is filled with far-fetched promises and unobtainable goals, making it hard for the business to take flight. Break down the company’s mission, and give it a plausible   structure and planning. Separating the mission into specific goals can mark the difference between a failed business and a successful business.

After the mission statement shows a clear path to each of the goals set, identify the necessities of your target audience. A useful tip is to cross-check what the consumer wants, with that same customer’s needs. Every successful marketing strategy for a product involves not only high demand but also a universal need. Therefore, get to know what the consumer needs, and play accordingly by introducing an appealing factor for that target audience.

Keeping up appearances is a must to increase your company sales

While you do this, it’s important to maintain positive feedback and a great image for the company. Many businesses focus on increasing sales a little too much and end up losing sight of what the real goal is. Connecting to your customer is a must nowadays, and breaking that bond could only mean bad news for any business wanting to get out of a rut. When done right, marketing tactics can ease pressure on any audience and keep an active awareness to a particular company.

Observation plays a significant role when it comes to implementing branding strategies. Business owners who want to increase their sales must look at competitors and make sure not to make the same mistakes they have. An effective branding tactic would translate to a competitive advantage over your company’s competition, therefore making your business stand out from the rest.

Finally, an effective way to restore a successful sales record is to create the demand for your product. If a particular marketplace or niche doesn’t work out or isn’t paying back anything, try a different angle. Don’t be afraid to try new routes to victory when trying to increase company sales. Consider that most of the big company names got it right only after many wrongs.

Do Yourself a Favour and Follow these Tips to Help Increase your Sales

The success and failure of any company’s Sales is dependent on a number of factors.

There is no one factor that helps in any company’s Sales. In truth, there are a number of factors that one has to take into consideration when trying to improve a company’s Sales.

Let’s go over these various factors.

The first and one of the most important factors is company branding. Effective branding helps send a message to customers, while also building up your own company’s credibility. It is a promise to your customers about what you are, what you offer, how you are, and what your brand will deliver.

Branding is more than just a logo or a design. It is a number of practices – from company communications, to the vision-mission of a company, and even as simple as the language used – that help define the brand and make it stand out.

If done right, branding can help motivate consumers to purchase your product or service. Effective branding can help create loyal customers and employees as well.

A strong corporate identity can also help your company stand out and bring your company international, garnering attention and business overseas.

Next is online advertising. With the pace of today’s world and the rapid onset of technology and the internet, online advertising is becoming a vital tool for any company’s success.

Advertisements can help provide basic information and can increase sales by providing potential customers with information about your product or service.

With its various formats and ease of access, such as videos, blogs, and even simple online texts and banners, online advertisements can help generate awareness for your business and cultivate your niche market or position

There are a number of other things that you can do to increase sales. However, one more to note is to join our programme that can easily help you identify what you need to do to hit your goals.

One such programme is BrandYou’s own Increase Your Sales (IYS) development and coaching programme.

The IYS programme covers branding, sales, and marketing. Covering these will help in increasing brand awareness, generate inquiries, and assist in the sales conversions needed.

The first step of the IYS programme is to make an audit at what works and doesn’t work in your company at the present moment. For this, you need planning. As the adage goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Analysis of your needs and the development of sales systems, brands, online and offline marketing, and other methods need to happen.  Apart from that, BrandYou also conducts thorough research on your competitors in your industry. Through this, you can see what works and doesn’t work for them, while also seeing what your company needs to do and grab the advantage.

After planning comes the implementation of the agreed upon strategy.

The workload is divided between your staff and BrandYou’s staff. The work can be divided and laid out in 12 to 60 months.

The increment of your company’s sales occurs through new customers and the achievement of higher average orders from your existing customers. The results for these can also be seen concurrent to the time the workload has been laid out, therefore it is fully accountable.

That is just a taste of what the IYS programme can do for your company.

BrandYou will assist in several aspects like helping to develop and implement the tools needed to achieve your company’s goals. Apart from planning, these tools include project systems, strategies, and the development and measurement of your company’s Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s)

For more information, head here to read about the full IYS programme:

Know The Tips That Can Help To Increase Your Sales

If you are an entrepreneur then you can be definitely called a sales person. This is because you are responsible for selling your articles either directly or through agents. To be successful one needs to be disciplined, hardworking and needs to pay attention to the relevant details.

One often finds new competitors emerging and taking a grasp over their sales. In order to keep pace, they have to increase their sales or else they would incur heavy losses. There are several ways to increase sales. Of course, if you are following the age old practices then they are not going to work now. If you want to increase your sales records and secure your survival in the market then you can consider following the tricks that we have mentioned below.

Understand the Goal

For this, first, you have to understand your own business. Your aim should be to know what is good for you, the needs, and ways to approach the prospects. The next thing you need to determine is that how much they are going to pay you. Try to gauge the answers of all these questions and have a clear view about it.

Break the Mission into Goals

Write down your goals that you can take control of. Check the results per month to measure the progress that you have made. Thus, you can track them nearly and increase your activity as per requirement. Setting goals motivates you to achieve them by focusing your attention towards them.

 Sell What Customers Need

The customers have a tendency of choosing the things they need first before moving on to others. Thus, you should try to provide things that comprise of their basic criteria. If you are not targeting that area then you have to convince them on buying your products giving them several illustrations regarding the products. You can also explain the advantages of buying the movers others.  When you are the seller you have to be creative about your products. But you should not give false information to make the product appear attractive.

Create Favorable Attention and Maintain Them

Before you create favorable attention first know why you are doing it and what would be the outcome. The ways to create favorable attention is by creating effective marketing, stronger skills for selling products and tactful questions. Thorough follow-through is the key to maintain attention and increase your sales.

Be Responsible

Being a leader doesn’t mean that you are going to take all the credit that your employees have worked for. Build a strong team. You have to take the total responsibility of the sales before your employees. A good leader is someone who gives the credit for the right to employees and takes the blame for themselves.

The sales profession is the fastest growing one and there is a demand for it in everywhere. Developing the right attitude and maximizing the time to focus on the sales can really be a great factor to increase your sales in the market. If you are following the above-mentioned tips you are soon on the line of being successful.