Brand and Re-Brand Strategy

We can change or update your existing branding design to suit current market trends, or we can create a completely new brand identity from scratch, carefully working alongside you to see what will work best for you. This will attract those all-important potential customers and open the doors to international and national business within your niche

Corporate Identity

A strong corporate identity is a defining factor in whether an international business is successful or not. We will help you create an international identity to suit your international business needs and maximize your business potential overseas. It is vital that your branding design and marketing campaign

Concept Design

Here at, our Business Coaching representatives will walk you through each step of the product development process. We will work closely with you to define and establish in concrete terms what concept your business wants to develop.

Advertising Development

Online advertising has gained tremendous momentum in over the past few years. It is fast becoming the future of advertising as a whole. The beauty of online advertising is the variety of formats your business can use as part of its online marketing strategy.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of relaying a specific message or idea in visual or textual format to a targeted audience. Our web design and development team understand just how important it is to see through the eyes of the client.

Copywriting Service

As an online marketing tool, it is safe to say that good copywriters are like gold dust. The role of the copywriter is to create copy that describes, advertises, and promotes specific products or services in the most persuasive manner possible .At, our team of copywriters and online marketing

Printing and Signage

Whatever your printing and design requirements, we at will provide top quality finished products, tailored to your exact specifications. We cover all aspects of printing from the logo to the designer business card, promotional gift or web design and development.

We are your Brand Stylist.

Your brand identity is essentially your image and the first thing the potential customer sees when they think of you. It’s the mental picture that represents your company services and values to your potential customers.

Branding is literally burning your company’s image into the customers psyche.

Words, design and creativity combine to make a lasting impression compelling potential customers to engage and contact your company. In addition to that below are the objectives that a good brand can achieve

  • Your brand should clearly deliver the message you want to convey to your customers.
  • It should enhance and elevate your companies credibility.
  • Excite your target market to ultimately purchase your companies products and services.

"The BrandYou Team collaborates with clients to create an incomparable and well-founded name for a product or their business. With a consistent theme and advertising campaigns we’ll capture the attention of the international business world and an effective brand strategy will ensure a major competitive edge."

You’re branding and design is the foundation of your marketing communication. It informs potential customers what you and your business represent. It is vital to spend adequate time investing in research. This will define and build your own unique brand identity. That’s where we at BrandYou can help. Your branding is a promise made by you to your customers and should reflect in the mind of potential costumers what your company can do for them.

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BrandYou is a web and digital company that partners with your business. Together, we will execute your business ideas into a creative digital marketing form.