Video marketing

Video marketing can take many different forms. It has been empowered by the increase in bandwidth and video consumption. Videos can be used for advertising purposes by buying ad spaces (in-stream video, in-banner video, etc.) or by simply posting a video on a video platform (e.g., YouTube) and looking for viral dissemination marketing activity.


Corporate/company video is a popular online marketing tool used by companies to give a brief overview of their objectives, company culture and customer promise.

If you are passionate about what you do, online video marketing is the solution for you. can professionally shoot and edit an online Marketing Video for your business and display it across your website and host of other Social Media platforms. This will not only help bring visitors to your site but will keep them engaged long enough to get a clear understanding of your products and/or services.

Promotional Videos

A promotional video is a short video post used to promote the specific product or service a business provides to its customer base. can design and manage the perfect promotional video for your business. Your promotional Video is designed around your specific product or service. After a careful analysis of your target markets we can deploy a very effective online marketing strategy to bring in more customers and ultimately increase the bottom line.

YouTube Account Set up

More and more companies are beginning to see that video sharing websites such as YouTube are a fantastic online marketing tool to showcase and promote their product or service. will set up and manage your account, video playlists and SEO videos. Online Video Advertising can really help with the Search Engine Optimization of your site. If you upload your videos to video sharing sites such as YouTube and optimise the titles & descriptions and include links, it is possible they could rank high on the Search Engine for searches related to your business or industry.

Video Blog Marketing

What is a blog?

A blog is basically a short article or series of entries that companies use to post useful and relevant content aimed at their customer base. Many companies use online video entries as a platform to engage with their customer base and as a means to share relevant information. Video blogging has become one of the most effective ways to advertise your business. It uses the popularity of online networking resources, to deliver your marketing message. It is an excellent online marketing strategy and continues to help many business’s enhance their reputation, brand awareness and image.

Blog marketing is the way a business promotes its product or service through regular blogs or entries.  It is quite simply an online marketing gem! It is very effective in online brand advertising and online business development. Blog marketing is a most invaluable asset as it allows your business to attract large numbers of followers, thus generating increased number of leads worldwide.

To ensure your blog is an effective online marketing tool, you need to find a positive angle to write about; whether it is your personal passion, your fantastic service or your latest product innovation. When developing a successful blog, consider what positive information you can share with your followers:

Businesses can maximise their online marketing potential by using blogs in the following ways:

Free Tips & Free Advice

By offering existing and potential customers useful tips and advice relating to your specific product or service, you develop and strengthen your relationship with the customer on a regular basis. This is very effective as it maintains and builds your relationship with your customer base.

Free Tutorials

By offering free tutorials relating to your specific field, you get to focus on your customers’ needs. This will make your business stand out from the crowd, ensuring the loyalty and support of your readers. This is the most effective online marketing strategy as it will ultimately widen your target audience base. has extensive experience in the area of blogging. We will research your customer base and their interests. We will coach you on how to write an interesting blog and how to market it on the internet via:

  • Social Media
  • Your website
  • Affiliate blogging
  • Competitions

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