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There is a myth that says, “Social Media won’t bring you to business”. Maybe they just don’t know how to facilitate their social media and don’t have proper incorporation of their business to it.

Social networking sites are a most effective online marketing tool for your business.


Therefore, we at BrandYou.ie tailor Media and Social Media packages to suit each of our clients. This includes the setting up and managing of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other social media sites. However, one our main focuses at present is the popular trend of Online Video Marketing for businesses.

We can shoot and edit a professionally crafted video of your business and place it on your website, blog or Social Media pages. This can be done on a regular basis to help keep your sites fresh and dynamic, maximize the online marketing of your business and keep you streets ahead of the competition.

We have developed online marketing strategies that make it easy for you to control all your social media from one website.

Imagine being able to organise all posts, feeds and videos in one place and follow everything without having to log in to each separate website.
We will provide you with the online marketing skills you need or carry out the work for you.

BrandYou.ie also offers Facebook App Development. We use PHP, Java and C# to provide you with customised platform to suit your business needs where off the shelf solution is not sufficient.

More and more companies are beginning to see that video sharing websites such as YouTube are a fantastic online marketing tool to showcase and promote their product or service.

BrandYou.ie will set up and manage your account, video playlists and SEO videos. Online Video Advertising can really help with the Search Engine Optimisation of your site. If you upload your videos to video sharing sites such as YouTube and optimise the titles & descriptions and include links, it is possible they could rank high on the Search Engine for searches related to your business or industry.

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