This is the analysis of the created website for your business. 

Website audits covers the factors that regulate your website’s visibility in Search Engines like Google and Yahoo, etc.

What do you get in an Audit?

In depth review of all on site SEO/Keywords
  • Helps to ascertain any areas that you can improve including:
  • H1/H2 Tags,
  • Meta Keyword Descriptions
  • Image SEO
  • Missing links/broken links
  • Faulty re-directs
  • Accessibility issues
  • Legal infringement within your website
  • Site speed issues
  • Highlights content issues
  • All of the above, if your site has issues with them, causes lower search engine rankings.

    In depth analysis of current links:
  • Helps to identify areas of improvement.
  • Further helps to identify areas of the keyword backlink portfolio to focus on.
  • Helps identify if there has been any malicious SEO
  • Helps to identify some of the weaker links that could be causing your site issues with rankings

  • Audits greatly inform a proper SEO/Digital Strategy.

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