Doyle Concrete – Matt Finlay

Position: Manger Waterford depo

How do you find our increase your sales program? :

Very good, working well.

What is our coaching and development services like such? Setting up the structure and procedures in house?

Very good, I don’t really work with computers much. Lee is a great help with the techie bits.

How do you find website design & development ?

Very good

How do you find the social media strategy?

The social media is working very well ie Facebook.

Our online marketing ?

Very good

Our designing, developing and implementing of concepts, ideas and strategies? 

Very good ideas with photos and display.

Would you recommend someone to buy from why?

Yes, for people with not a lot of knowledge with computers I find Lee very helpful with side of things.

Treacy’s Carpets and Furniture testimonials

Over the past number of years or so we have become really conscious of the fact that we need to access a wider customer base and the best way to do that was to build a website for Treacy’s carpets and furniture. I had been working with Lee in BrandYou for a little bit of marketing and he just seemed the natural choice. That was really confirmed when I spoke to Lee and two of the web design developers. I could see there was a great deal of expertise in what they were talking about. They walked me through the web design process and showed me plenty of project samples. Lee was great to facilitate working together with the web design developers to come up with a great website.

The Web design Process

The process of building the website was great. Lee discussed some basic ideas, asked me what my ideas were, what web design requirements I had. He showed me some ways of working our new brand into the website, then built a web design sample, took my feedback and implemented the changes until we got to an iterative process of coming up with the final website. Working with Lee and with Brand You was great on that front.

The Website finished

The finished web design is new and fresh. It has the new Treacy’s logo. I’m very happy with it and I’ve had some good feedback from our customers. It certainly does bring in new customers; customers who are looking for furniture or flooring, in particular on the web and they find Treacy’s and they are attracted to it.
Our new web design gets them to come into the shop which is great.

Seo & Leasing Process

I think it is important to keep the website up to date and to keep it changing so that there is always something new there for our customers to go and have a look at. That’s a very important aspect of the service provided. Obviously, it’s important to work continually on SEO to make sure we stay at the top of listings when people search for our search criteria.
SEO is a requirement of any website. If you want to be found on the web then you need to be optimised for search engines. Lee explained the whole process to me; how the SEO works, how it would be beneficial and how it would help the company. It certainly has done that. As well as that, the value involved is absolutely fantastic. There is nobody out there that can provide the same value that Lee and Brand You can on SEO and website hosting.

Doyle Concrete Testimonials

Doyle Concrete Testimonials

Web Design

Well we were in the process of building a web site over a number of years. We wanted to start the web design process but we were so busy, we just didn’t get the time. Lee Kavanagh just happened to come along., I found that once he introduced himself, he knew exactly what he was doing. That was the way to go.

Web development Process

In terms of web development I found it very useful because I just didn’t know where to go myself. I was led every step of the way by Lee and his colleagues. They knew what they were doing. That’s what I wanted to do; I wanted to work with somebody who knew what they were doing.

Web design finished

One good thing about the finished web design is that it captures everything we do and it leaves space there for whatever we want to do in the future. I know that I can go back to Lee at any one stage and say ‘look we are having a problem, will you have a look’? That is the beauty of this type of job.

Video marketing

I knew from my original consultation with Lee that he knew what he was doing and basically we didn’t. We needed somebody that could teach us and show us the way forward. That is what happened. We got across what we wanted and though we were being led all the way, Lee and crew knew where to go and where to draw from us. That was important. I felt the video marketing was important because everybody in this day and age wants to see what a company is made of and what they can do. Obviously the Internet is the way forward. A couple of minutes of video marketing are very important so that is the route we decided to take.

Irish Fire & Flood Restoration Testimonials – Promotional Video

Irish Fire & Flood Testimonials

January 2nd 2013

So, why did you choose Brand You TV for your video and why did you think a promotional video was important for the company?
We are always looking to promote ourselves in new ways. Nowadays, everybody is putting promotional videos on the web to develop their own companies. We decided it would be a great time for Irish Fire & Flood restoration to move that way. When we met Brand You TV, they put together a good idea of what they could do for us. They impressed us and we decided to work with that. So we got together and with their experienced film crew we began making the promotional video for our company. We are very happy with that.
How did you find the process of working with us – in terms of copywriting, video concept & content?
we met Lee from Brand You TV and he asked us to give him a breakdown of the company itself. I gave him a detailed idea of exactly the work we do, who we work with, how the whole process works. Lee came up with a storyboard for our promotional video and all the details of what should go into it. He captured what we do very well.
So what did you think of the final product?
We are extremely happy. All the guys that are involved in the company got to have their say and we gave a great overview of the company itself in the promotional video. It shows exactly the work we do first-hand. I think it came across very well and very professionally.
Are there any personal points of the promotional video you would like to comment on?
I think it’s the whole lay out really, it’s the action parts linked to the music. It showed the experience we have in our industry. It showed a more personal side to Irish fire & Flood restoration. Each of our guys doing the work across the country to cover insurance claims; whether its fire or water damage, are part of the promotional video. It’s very important to get that personal touch across to our customers.