We cover all your Branding, Marketing and Advertising needs, Brand Awareness, inquiries, and Sales Conversions you wish to achieve.

We develop and implement all the tools needed to achieve this alongside planning, project system, strategy and KPIs to measure your performance.

The Benefits Include:

  • Helping you deliver a marketing campaign
  • Simplifying your marketing
  • Organization, Structures and Procedures for Your Brand
  • Management Improvement
  • Business Management Systems around People or Company Culture
  • Marketing Campaigns for both online and offline
  • First page in Search engines
  • Google Ad Words Conversions
  • Social Media Conversions
  • Web and Internet Marketing Management
  • Increase your Brand awareness, Profit and Turnover

How to Improve Brand & marketing Performance?

Our team of professionals specializes conveys the tools, the motivation, the expertise and the 3 fundamentals for you to achieve the success of your business. BrandYou bequeath 3 fundamentals to success: GAME PLAN or Strategic Plan, Concept and Implementation. Using this 3 fundamentals and right business coaching we will be able to have a successful outcome.


Your own branding or revamping your image is essential to any business. The right kind of designs pulls your customers to you, making branding one of the most important foundations in any company.

Marketing Plan

This is your company operational instructions. It’s a step-by-step guide for your company’s success.

Website / eCommerce

We have the best Web Developers that will give your business a strong website appeal that your clients would love to visit and interact with.

Content plan

Here, we will input the facts about your business, the products you want to promote and the benefits of using and working with your company


Search engine optimization Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines


Being on the top of search results does wonders to your business. Not only do people pick the first search results they see, it also makes your brand more credible.

Social media

With a great social media plan, you would be able to interact with customers more, receiving feedback to recognize issues and using that data to improve your products and services.

Customer Service

Great customer experience influences customers to come back and purchase. 58% of customers recommend your products and services to their friends after good interactions.

A Team of Professionals

BrandYou collaborates with the best people to ensure the outcome of your business plans.

  • Business Development Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Business Coach
  • Performance Analysis
  • Branding, Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Advertising and PR Professionals
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer and Programmer
  • Internet and Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Copywriter

Business Intelligent System

It gives you full access to our support system.

  • Marketing Plan – Offline and Online
  • Breakdowns, average order breakdowns, KPIs inquiries and tracking
  • Project Management System
  • KPI – System Setup and Planning
  • Google Spread Sheet
  • Drop Box and an Effective Folder System

We set up a monthly, quarterly and yearly check up on your business progress. It’s a comprehensive reports that includes results from social media conversions, performance and the managements of the campaigns.

With this, we will determine the challenges and also the improvement of your business. It will also capacitate us to keep track with your business performance. It will also open doors for our team to maximize every aspects with your business for the extended months.

Implementation of Strategy

  • Keyword ranking in search engines
  • Website analytics performance
  • Social media – Engagements, interactions, followers and conversions
  • Analysing performance of the campaigns
  • Google ad word conversations
  • Newsletter
  • Online and offline measuring increase of awareness and conversions and or average order
  • Visits to your premises – we provide motivation, direction and coaching new structures and procedures for implementation for you and your staff.
  • Coaching on areas which need more awareness – this brings understanding of each area of the business. It shows how valuable it is to understand each area and gives the time required to bring improvements.
  • Skype group chat support, telephone and email to all the team.
  • Reporting and analyzing all works completed
  • Creating the report and filling in the strategy sheet
  • Planning meetings – analysing data with client

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