BrandYou is a web and digital company that partners with business of all kinds. We have specialized team of professional that contributes excellent marketing strategies and plans for your business. We will not just become your business stylist but also, your business mentor for you to reach achieve the results you need. We are a team of professional who has a passion for every business’ success. Your success is our passion. Together, we will turn your business ideas into a creative execution in digital marketing form.

BrandYou was formed in 2009 and recently in 2016 we have transformed the business into Brand You Development & Coaching Limited. Providing companies with expertise's and professional services lead by managing director Lee Kavanagh and team.

BrandYou bequeath 3 fundamentals to your business’ success: or Concept, Strategic Plan (GAME PLAN) and Implementation. These three fundamentals will be our best weapons to achieve the results we need for your business growth and success. We are not an ordinary digital and marketing agency. We have several services that can help you boost your business’ full potential. We are not just focusing on certain aspects of marketing, we are incorporating the best tools and elements to reach out for success.

Aside from putting your concepts into action and implementation, we also considered our team as your business stylist. Putting every important details into the plan, removing all unnecessary ideas and actions and providing you an excellent business coaching. BrandYou will be your helping hand to your business growth and we will demonstrate how your business can reach its full potential today.

One thing that is unique from our team, is our Business Development and Coaching Program. This is a BrandYou BDP Program that will enhance your business Marketing Campaigns thru online and offline. Some agaencies are online focusing on how to enhance your business thru online marketing campaigns; here at BrandYou, we also consider building up your business growth using our offline strategies.

Aside from preparing your business in the marketing war using or best weapons, BrandYou also conducts business coaching that suits your business needs.

BrandYou embody all your branding, marketing, advertising needs, brand awareness, inquiries, and sales conversions you wish to achieve. We develop and implement all the tools needed to achieve this alongside planning, project system, strategy and KPIs to measure your performance.

Our luscious experience in working with local and multinational companies gives us supremacy in creating ultra-effective digital and marketing execution for the modernized business ideas.

Our aim is “Transforming your concept into progressing business”.
Now BrandYou conquers the US enterprises with our results-driven and well experienced team, we will deliver the success that you are aiming for.
Headquartered in Ireland, BrandYou provides businesses with local and multinational companies such as Irish Independent with cost-efficient and performance-driven digital marketing solutions. Now BrandYou is launching in the United Kingdom, small and medium enterprises will experience a big change in digital and marketing perspective.

BrandYou team and Lee Kavanagh believes that every aspiring businessman, or entrepreneur has its own unique technique in terms of working and managing their own industries. With a dash of business coaching and right guidance, every business will be a victorious business.

Meet the BrandYou Team

The Founder of BrandYou

BrandYou was created by Lee Kavanagh in 2009. He started working as a consultant for many years in Branding and Marketing field throughout Ireland. He showcased many years of experience in Branding and Marketing Industry working with local and multinational companies such as Irish Independent. Because of his passion, he have developed a business coaching course and concept design strategies for different companies. He also have the knowledge and know-how of working with various industries all across Ireland. With his goal “Transforming your concept into progressing business”, he established his own Branding and Marketing Company – BrandYou. Now BrandYou is launching in the United Kingdom small and medium enterprises will experience the big change in their business marketing perspective.

The BrandYou Dream Team – We are compose of different kind of Professional with a passion for success to ensure the best outcome of your business plan. With our harmonious relationship with every team member, we create a one outstanding project that make our clients beyond satisfied.
  • Managing Director
  • Business Development Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Business Coach
  • Performance Analysis
  • Branding, Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Advertising and PR Professionals
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer and Programmer
  • Internet and Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Copywriter
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    BrandYou is a web and digital company that partners with your business. Together, we will turn your business ideas into a creative execution in digital marketing form.