Online Marketing – how to use it effectively in business

Your online marketing strategy should have onsite SEO, offsite SEO, blogs, newsletters, and social media. These need to be used correctly and consistently. If it is not consistent then your brand is not consistent. When you maintain a reliable online presence, consumers know where you are, what you are doing and hence when they are in the market to buy that particular product or service they will come to you. Continue reading “Online Marketing – how to use it effectively in business”

How to advertise your product or service for free

I’ve worked in the advertising industry for many years and everybody is trying to get the best they can for their business; advertising, marketing, sales strategies, and PR tools. What I’ve come to learn from working with my own clients and for myself is that there are many techniques and tactics you can use to get free advertising, PR and marketing. Continue reading “How to advertise your product or service for free”

Doyle Concrete Testimonials

Doyle Concrete Testimonials

Web Design

Well we were in the process of building a web site over a number of years. We wanted to start the web design process but we were so busy, we just didn’t get the time. Lee Kavanagh just happened to come along., I found that once he introduced himself, he knew exactly what he was doing. That was the way to go.

Web development Process

In terms of web development I found it very useful because I just didn’t know where to go myself. I was led every step of the way by Lee and his colleagues. They knew what they were doing. That’s what I wanted to do; I wanted to work with somebody who knew what they were doing.

Web design finished

One good thing about the finished web design is that it captures everything we do and it leaves space there for whatever we want to do in the future. I know that I can go back to Lee at any one stage and say ‘look we are having a problem, will you have a look’? That is the beauty of this type of job.

Video marketing

I knew from my original consultation with Lee that he knew what he was doing and basically we didn’t. We needed somebody that could teach us and show us the way forward. That is what happened. We got across what we wanted and though we were being led all the way, Lee and crew knew where to go and where to draw from us. That was important. I felt the video marketing was important because everybody in this day and age wants to see what a company is made of and what they can do. Obviously the Internet is the way forward. A couple of minutes of video marketing are very important so that is the route we decided to take.

Clonmel Motors Cycles, E- Commerce Website, Planning

This client signed up for ‘increase your sales’ service. They already had an E- Commerce website. I have been in touch with this client for over one and a half years to two years.  When we first were in contact he realised he had to increase his online presence for the business. Over time I showed him what we produced, what we did for our clients, and in February of this year he signed up for the ‘increase your sales’ service. Continue reading “Clonmel Motors Cycles, E- Commerce Website, Planning”

Business blog

A business blog is a fantastic online marketing tool if used correctly.

  It’s the easiest way to communicate your business concept to the viewer in the shortest possible time. Use your blog to let customers know what is happening within your business at the moment. Business blogging via video is definitely the way forward for any company. Continue reading “Business blog”

Online marketing

Merging all your online marketing tools into a strategy is important. So I’m going to talk about an online strategy which you can implement into your business.if you link social networking sites such as ;youtube, facebook, and twitter to your own website for let’s say a 12 month window, you will greatly increase your visibility and widen your viewership potential. Continue reading “Online marketing”