Irish Fire & Flood Restoration Testimonials – Promotional Video

Irish Fire & Flood Testimonials

January 2nd 2013

So, why did you choose Brand You TV for your video and why did you think a promotional video was important for the company?
We are always looking to promote ourselves in new ways. Nowadays, everybody is putting promotional videos on the web to develop their own companies. We decided it would be a great time for Irish Fire & Flood restoration to move that way. When we met Brand You TV, they put together a good idea of what they could do for us. They impressed us and we decided to work with that. So we got together and with their experienced film crew we began making the promotional video for our company. We are very happy with that.
How did you find the process of working with us – in terms of copywriting, video concept & content?
we met Lee from Brand You TV and he asked us to give him a breakdown of the company itself. I gave him a detailed idea of exactly the work we do, who we work with, how the whole process works. Lee came up with a storyboard for our promotional video and all the details of what should go into it. He captured what we do very well.
So what did you think of the final product?
We are extremely happy. All the guys that are involved in the company got to have their say and we gave a great overview of the company itself in the promotional video. It shows exactly the work we do first-hand. I think it came across very well and very professionally.
Are there any personal points of the promotional video you would like to comment on?
I think it’s the whole lay out really, it’s the action parts linked to the music. It showed the experience we have in our industry. It showed a more personal side to Irish fire & Flood restoration. Each of our guys doing the work across the country to cover insurance claims; whether its fire or water damage, are part of the promotional video. It’s very important to get that personal touch across to our customers.