How to use Hootsuite to Manage Your Social Media

Hootsuite is a great tool you can use to manage all of your social media within one platform without having to log in to different websites. You can link through the hootsuite dashboard to your Facebook and Google pages, as well as LinkedIn, Twitter, ScoopIt, NeedTagger and many more sites. Hootsuite is constantly developing new apps that allow you to connect to even more platforms. If you are a social media development company, this tool would be especially helpful to manage numerous social media accounts of your clients. Continue reading “How to use Hootsuite to Manage Your Social Media”

Sales techniques on how to increase your sales

The Benefits of phone scripts and taking your time writing them:

sales-prospecting-ideas-300x199Phone scripts requires sales techniques and it is a skill. Over the years I have seen companies hire experts’ and do training for hours at a time using sales techniques. Phone scripts will always need consistent improvement and by doing a phone call each time. Take the time to get feedback and how you can improve it.

The idea of calling someone is that you are introducing your business and not trying to sell them something. Businesses today are contacted sometimes as much as 20/40 calls a day with companies ring to sell them something. You need to stand out from the rest using some of the sales techniques below.

But most of all you need to give the business /person you are calling respect. Asking your customers questions and not telling your customers what you want to do.

Using words like

Could it be possible?

Would it be possible?

Could you help me?

Do you mind?

Can I?



When calling business/persons you need to make the most of that call.

For example

A client of mine was having an issue of calling business /people. And found when they was not interested in buying their product/service they would just say ok and that would be the end of their relationship. If you research the best companies in the world they do one thing different they communicate regally with the customers.

Customer service is not just when the customer buys your product/service once.

It’s about keeping them updated reminding them of your business what is and has happen within your company since they spoke to you last. In the meeting I pointed out to my client how the first call is so important. You need to make the most of the call and get the best information from you customer/ potential customer as you can in the first call. Also give the person you’re calling the best information you can in the smallest amount of time.

Remember you’re not trying to sell them anything over the phone with your first call .

People don’t like this.

You want to build a relationship with your customer …

If they are not interested in your business then asked them when they could be in a position to consider your product or service.

Then you know when to call them back.. Could be one month one year butt most importantly you have introduce your business … they have heard of you now..

And you know when to call them back and to get the business this is the most important part is that you call them back when you say you will … call backs get the business full stop.

At the end of your first call you should always ask would it be possible that we update you with what is happening within our business …..  You should achieve at least 60 % off people saying yes that would be fine … and in most cases it should reach 80 %.

Using a basic email can do this but you are better of using a strategy with your website

Using a blog

A newsletter is the best way of achieving your goal.

You have your customer email list

New potential customers from your phone calls

So now you can write, shoot a video blog once a month

Same with your newsletter

And each month you are communicating with your customer/potential customers through your

Website which contains your

Blog & newsletter

Which are then used through your emails and social media

Now you are achieving communication is the most cost effective way … in fact what do you think this phone call is achieving?

It is the basic tool for any business ……

And it is working as your





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How to design a website

website1From a technical point of view it can be quite simple to design a website. However, if your designer does not have any information about your business market, how can you create a website around your customers’ needs?  I say this because so many people are misled by companies when buying a website. The key question is not how to design a website?

But rather, what do you want the website to do? What would you like your website to achieve? There are many more questions I could ask. I would like to share with you my experience with lots of companies and how I have helped them achieve the results they want from their website. For one of my customers, it was his third time to do a website because his 2 previous attempts failed to deliver what he wanted. He asked me; how do we design a website that works Lee? I asked him a few pertinent questions and it was clear he did not fully understand how the internet works or what he wanted his website to do.  The previous designer’s probably would have only known how to design a website and not how to develop a strategy for an online marketing campaign. This is the most important part for anyone who is thinking of building or improving a website or online shop. Just the other day I met with a potential customer who was referred to me. When we spoke, he told me about his issues regarding his website. He was quite angry about his situation and he had spent over € 3000 euro on this website. The website was well designed and was very modern.  Once Again, I thought to myself ‘people are asking the wrong questions. It is not the question ‘how to design a website’   but rather what can my website achieve? And the fore mentioned business man was one of many who fall into this trap. I asked him a very important question. How much business have you got from your website? He said nothing. I then ask another pertinent question. How often do you update your website … he replied ‘what do you mean’? Indeed, he had never updated his website. if you understand online marketing then you know it is very important to constantly  update your website and other tools you use to market. This is especially relevant from an Seo point of view as all the major search engines such as Google love fresh content.

07-website-designSo, if you want to know how to design a website then you need to do your homework or we at brand you can help you in this process every step of the way. Not only will we show you how to design a website but most importantly we will show you how to use it effectively and get the results that you need.

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Business basics getting them right by a business coach

Coaching is very important in life and business. We all know that the best athletes in the world have a coach. Behind every successful company is a business coach. What I mean about success is the way you live your life through your business. If we remove money from the equation and focus on value then we don’t have to think about dollar signs, it just comes naturally.Getting the basics right.

In this blog I want to talk to you about some of my findings as a business coach and my recipe for success.

Over the years, I have dealt with businesses on a daily basis. Likewise, I have also worked with proprietors, managers and directors and three things have always stood out for me. Continue reading “Business basics getting them right by a business coach”